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Lively and Lovely Surburb of Washington, DC

Do you work in Washington D.C. and are looking for a quiet place nearby to live? If

yes, then Bethesda in Maryland is the perfect choice for you. It provides you a perfect balance between city life and the serenity of a suburb. Located northwest of Washington D.C, this trendy town is located in Montgomery County, Maryland.


Bethesda has one of the most unique layouts of any city in Montgomery County. The main campus of National Institutes of Health (NIH) is situated here as is Walter Reed Military Medical Center. Located just south of these large campuses is downtown Bethesda, full of shops, restaurants, and luxury condos. Bordering this downtown area are the more quite Bethesda streets, where older rambler style homes sit next to multi-million dollar mansions. As you may imagine, Bethesda is a wealthy and very educated area with more than 80% of the residents holding at least a Bachelor’s or even higher degrees. Not surprisingly, median household incomes in Bethesda are also high, being


Bethesda ranks among the most desirable places to live in the country. Good lifestyle and availability of federal jobs attracts people from all parts of the country to Bethesda. In addition to NIH and Walter Reed Military Center, there are many other important employers in this CDP namely Lockheed Martin, American Capital, and the Immune

Tolerance Network.

The most attractive feature of Bethesda is of course its proximity to the national capital. A simple rail ride is all that it takes to reach Washington DC, and Bethesda has two Metro stops within the town, one downtown and another near the NIH. A large number of people work in their offices in Washington but commute to Bethesda daily as they

have chosen to live there. However, this suburb has a certain charm of its own to be ranked among the best places of the country to live in.

Bethesda boasts of a beautiful and lively downtown. It has a strong community that loves art and cares for its people. Residents enjoy all modern amenities and they also have access to world class facilities being in such close proximity to the national capital. More than 1200 trees are lined along the roads to give a green environment to the residents.

Bethesda is home to Congressional Country Club, one of the most prestigious country clubs in whole of America. There is no dearth of places and facilities of recreation in this community.

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