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Super Rich Town Close to Washington

Chevy Chase is a town in Montgomery County in Maryland. This suburb of Washington D.C. sits on the border of the district and Maryland and lies just 5 mile drive away from the heart of the national capital. This town with a small population of 2,000 has one of the highest median household incomes ($250,000) in the country. Chevy Chase is certainly one of the wealthiest suburbs of Washington D.C. It is a purely residential area with lots of greenery and large homes with high price tags.

If you are looking to escape the noisy capital city, Chevy Chase with its beautiful homes and serenity presents itself as a great option. It may not have commercial districts but who needs shops and offices when he can get all modern amnesties within close driving distance of Washington D.C. Even though the community looks private, residents say it is quite welcoming and friendly. Chevy Chase is indeed a place that is great to live and enjoy the luxuries of this D.C. suburb.

There are homes carrying different price tags depending upon their size and location. However, no matter where you go inside this town, it is hard to find a home that is valued at less than a million dollars. There are lots of homes with multi-million dollar price tags. You can get condos for $300,000 (one bedroom) and $500,000 (2 bedrooms) but prices of even condos can go up to $2 million depending upon their size and location.

It is only natural for individuals with high income to get attracted to homes in Chevy Chase. Most people living here work in Washington D.C., Bethesda, or Virginia. People who come here do to want to leave due to a strong sense of community and friendly vibes. Annual events like the Halloween parade make Chevy Chase strongly community oriented area. For shopping and dining, residents go to Friendship Heights, a very popular shopping district on the border of this town.

If you are interested in buying a home for your family in Chevy Chase, you must

contact a top local realtor to navigate this unique high-end market, one that will

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