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Nice and Quiet Suburb of Washington, DC

Gaithersburg is a large city in Montgomery County in Maryland. It lies along Interstate 270 which divides it into western and eastern sections. In fact, it was the eastern section that formed Gaithersburg initially but its growth and expansion into the western section is a more recent phenomenon. Along with Rockville and Bethesda, Gaithersburg forms a triumvirate known for a cluster of technology and software companies. Gaithersburg is referred t as a

suburb of Washington D.C. even though it is one of the farthest of all suburbs in Montgomery County with the red line of the Metro ending here at Shady Grove Station.

Gaithersburg has been named one of the best cities to live in America. Great income opportunities, high inventory of houses, modern amenities, and proximity to the Metro and D.C. make Gaithersburg an attractive community.


Gaithersburg is home to headquarters of many government agencies and private companies. These include National Institute of Standards and Technology, IBM, Medimmune, Sodexo, and Astra Zeneca. These companies provide employment to a large percentage of the residents of Gaithersburg.

It is mostly residential in nature and gives a suburban feeling to the residents. Schools in Gaithersburg are high standard and the city offers many opportunities to indulge in fun filled activities to the kids. Gaithersburg has very convenient transportation facilities with a bus system that easily takes you to wherever you want to go. The city is divided into neighborhoods with a variety of housing options and retail and commercial offerings.


Gaithersburg has many beautiful parks and dozens of high quality restaurants that are surprisingly affordable. It also has some movie theatres to have fun with family and friends. If you are looking to move to a suburb of Washington D.C., you can get many attractive deals for buying a home for your family in Gaithersburg. Do not forget to get help from a seasoned realtor to assist you in your search!

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