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Rich Neigborhood, Great Lifestyle

So you were under the impression that state with the richest neighborhoods was either California or New York. No, it is the little old Maryland and 3 out of top 5 richest neighborhoods in the country belong to Maryland. Potomac, a cozy community along the banks of River Potomac, in Maryland, is the 4th most affluent town in the country. This town is also one of the top most educated ones. It also boasts of a high median household income of $240,000.


Potomac is situated in Montgomery County in Maryland. If you have been enamored by the beauty and lifestyle of the people living in Potomac, you are not alone. Thousands of upwardly mobile individuals have a strong desire to move to Potomac to live there. This desire received a big boost when people saw the television series Real Housewives of Potomac.

Potomac may still be referred to as a suburb but it puts to shame many metro cities with its beautiful homes and the glamour. Instead of houses in rows along both sides of streets packed in tight blocks, Potomac boasts of massive houses built on huge plots of land. You feel the difference as you come to Potomac from nearby Washington D.C. Median home prices in Potomac are $750,000. In addition to town homes, there are also condos priced at around

$550,000. Finally, you also find ranch homes built in the 60s and 70s in Potomac. These ranch homes are priced at around $650,000. Potomac has a reputation of having large homes with impressive price tags that can go north of $8 million.

It is not just the large size and great architecture of homes in Potomac that attracts people from all parts of the country. There are many who have moved in to this suburb from Washington DC as they wanted to live in a quieter place with luxurious offerings. Potomac is irresistible for a comfortable, secluded lifestyle. Potomac has many preserves and natural parks for recreation. Some of the well-known places of recreation are Cabin John Park, Scotts Run Nature Reserve, and the Great Falls Park.

You need to retain the services of an a top Potomac realtor to get an attractive deal if you

have decided to buy a property in Potomac. This suburb on steroids is waiting for you to

make a move.

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