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Staging, Pricing, and Finding a Realtor to sell your Home

Many people think that their job is done when they have hired the services of a good realtor.

To make sure that you are able to sell your home quickly and smoothly, you also need to

make efforts for its staging. Another crucial aspect that determines the success or failure of

your endeavour of selling is correct pricing of your property. Let us talk about these three

factors in detail:

Pricing makes all the difference

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Do you know the time period during

which a new property makes most of the buzz after coming on the market? The first 2-3

weeks. This is the best time to catch the attention of all the buyers. When the property is

properly priced in line with the local market, buyers are attracted to it. Never overprice your

property hoping to extract higher than market price from the buyer. This move can backfire

as many serious buyers are deterred when they think property is overpriced. On the other

hand, you can hope to receive multiple offers when you keep prices reasonable.

Staging is crucial to encourage buyers to make their offers

Prepare the house for staging before getting it listed on the market. See it from the eyes of a

prospective buyer and you will be able to find the shortcomings that you need to remove.

Clean and depersonalize the home to let visitor use his imagination. Improving the curb

appeal makes him interested even before setting a foot inside the house. If you can make the

visitor happy after the showing, your job is done. There is no need to go for major

renovations but you can implement minor improvements to make the home presentable for

the buyer.

Hire the services of the right real estate agent

Many homeowners are tempted to sell their own homes (for sale by owner – FSBO) as they

think they can save on the commission paid to their agent. However, an experienced and

trusted realtor can not only make the process smooth and hassle free, homes sold with the

help of a great Realtor typically fetch higher offers that offset the commission saved by doing

it yourself. In fact, a clever real estate agent who keeps your interests uppermost in his mind

can actually save money for you rather than prove costly. The best real estate agents will

employ aggressive and innovative marketing rather than just listing your home on the MLS.

This can attract multiple buyers or that one perfect buyer with which your Realtor will

negotiate the optimal price for your property. Finally, when searching for an agent to sell

your home, don’t forget about the fine print. You will surely see many gimmicks and

guarantees (I guarantee I’ll sell your home in 30 days, or I’ll buy it myself!), but use your

common sense to realize if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Do not give the

contract of selling your home casually to anyone who makes tall claims, find a top real estate

agent to provide you with dedicated and personalize service.

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