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How to Sell Your Home Quickly?

Selling your house can be a long, drawn out procedure that begins with preparing and listing

and goes through showing and negotiating to end with closing the deal. With so many options

in front of home buyers, it is indeed and uphill task to catch their attention to your house

unless you are willing to set the asking price lower than its market value. Thankfully there are

ways to speed up the process of selling your house without making a compromise on your

asking price.

1. Do something to improve the curb appeal

You may not think much of curb appeal but it plays on the mind of the buyer who comes with

high hopes to take a look at your house. Beautiful landscaping with a mowed lawn having

flowering plants is one way to create a good impression on the mind of the visitor. A neat and

clean driveway attracts a buyer and makes him feel interested in your house even before he

has set foot inside it. A vast majority of homebuyers pay attention to the curb appeal and

make up their mind against buying a property if they do not like what they see outside it.

2. Invest money in improvements

Take a look at your house from the perspective of a home buyer. You love your house

because you are emotionally attached to it. But to make it appealing to a neutral buyer, you

need to invest time and money. Many homeowners make the mistake of treating this

investment as expenditure but you can actually recover all your money and even add to the

value of your home by upgrading your kitchen and bathroom. Even a simple paint job

transforms the looks of a house in the eyes of the buyer. Much needed repairs are a must

before arranging showings for prospective buyers.

3. Hire services of a professional real estate photographer

If you have ever conducted a search for homes yourself, you must have noticed yourself

clicking on photos that are beautiful and clear and skipping ads with no or poor quality

images. High resolution photos highlighting the positive features of your house from inside

and outside can make all the difference between poor response and a flurry of queries and


4. Beat the competition with clever pricing

You love your house and believe it should sell quickly at an asking price that is at par with its

market value. Though you are right, you do not give reason enough to buyers to feel

interested in your property. You cannot fool buyers in present times when they have access to

all the data regarding market value of homes. If the market value of your house is $200000,

you cannot expect buyers to make a beeline with their offers at this price. Setting the asking

price 10% lower than this value arouses interest even in the minds of those who don’t really

need a home for living.

5. Make the most of the first few weeks on the market

First 30 days on the market is the most crucial time when you get maximum offers. Buyers

show interest in new properties on the market. This is the time when you can trigger interest

in the minds of prospective buyers. Creative and innovative methods of advertising on social

media, arranging open house, and getting exposure to your house are some good ways of

creating a buzz surrounding your property. Remember this thing. You need to stay ahead of

your competition to compel homebuyers to take a look at your house first.

6. Remove clutter and depersonalize as much as possible

Clean the inside and outside of your house thoroughly to create a good impression on the

mind of a prospective buyer. Pack and move all your furniture and decorative art pieces as

they hamper with the imagination of the buyer and also make the house appear smaller than it

is. Clean and make glasses of windows sparkling clean and also to allow for maximum

sunlight to pour in. Depersonalize as much as possible because a buyer likes to imagine the

house as his own. Personal items keep shouting that the territory is still yours.

7. Spring is the best time to make your move?

Spring is the season of the year when you find high inventory of homes on the market. The

reason is not just good weather conditions but also a time when parents with kids can move in

to new locations as schools are closed and new session has not yet started. You may be

surprised to know that home buyers shop around all round the year but a vast majority makes

its move during the spring season. While it may be better to place your property on the

market at the right time to get more offers than trying to sell in the winter season and receive

a lukewarm response form the buyers, there is some data to suggest listing at other times of

year may be to your benefit. By listing your property very early in the spring season (or even

late winter) you can get the jump of home buyers itching to get into a new place.

Alternatively, by listing in the very late spring, or even late summer you may be able to

attract buyers that missed out on the spring rush and therefore may be under more pressure to

find a home. Having the best real estate agent possible will make listing decisions that much


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