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What are the Things Buyers Look at When Buying a Property?

Are you a homeowner trying to sell your property? No matter what the reason behind your

decision to sell your home, you must make your home presentable before your agent lists it

on the MLS. A new property on the MLS creates most of the buzz in the first few weeks and

your home should be ready for showing to catch the attention of the buyers. Here are some of

the most important things that buyers look at closely when they come for a showing:

The Curb Appeal

First impression is often the last impression is what they say and they are not incorrect in as

far as the mind of a buyer that comes on a showing is concerned. You can not only make him

interested in your property but also strike an emotional chord in the mind of the buyer even

before he has stepped inside the property.

  • Clean up the driveway and the patio

  • Trim the bushes in the lawn

  • Place pots with flowering plants

  • Put up a new address plate and a mailbox

  • Clean up all windows to create a good impression

These may look like cosmetic steps but play on the mind of the buyer.

Create the impression of a home with large space

The number one reason why most people buy new home is to have larger living space than

they already have. You cannot make your home bigger than it is but you can certainly give

the impression of larger rooms and bigger space by removing all the clutter from inside the

home. Do not forget to remove all heavy furniture as it can make rooms look smaller than

they are. In fact, remove everything from the cabinets to allow the visitor to use his

imagination for future use when he buys the property.

Update the kitchen and the bathroom

Two rooms that draw maximum attention of the visitor are always the kitchen and the

bathrooms in your home. If he likes what he sees in kitchen and bathroom, he is more likely

to take a favourable decision of buying your property. Go for minor repairs and

improvements in kitchen and bathroom to make them look beautiful and modern. Replace

broken fittings, paint the cabinets in new colour, and clean all glasses and mirrors to present a

sparkling clean kitchen and bathroom to the buyer. He should feel happy to see his own

image in the mirrors.

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